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Customer Sevice Questions


1.How long would it take for my order of Reading Genius® 2.0 to reach me?


Different shipping options are offered for this product. Ground shipping usually takes 10 days or less depending on the consignee’s location; express shipping takes 3 days or less, also depending on location. Orders outside the United States take a longer period that must include both shipping time and customs which can vary greatly.


2. I am an international customer and I still haven’t received my package, what should I do?


Well we apologize for this. Often  customs and international shipping/package regulations can cause this . Its beyond our or any shippers control. You should have received the Airbill tracking number with your order confirmation. Please check with your carrier for the details on this package. If you haven’t received your airbill tracking number and have purchased your product online , please contact us.

If you purchased your product through a catalog, TV or radio advertisement, its important to call that party to find your shipping details


3. When I install my software, it asks for a Product Key. Where can I find that?


Your product key can be located on your invoice. In the case that its not, contact your retailer for further details


4. After I insert my product key, and my software goes to register the software, it comes back with a “Sever unavailable” message?


In 99% of the cases, this is because a firewall is blocking our authorization signal from unlocking the software. The simple solution to this is to 1) Authorize us to pass thru the firewall ( ingenius.exe is the file name) or 2) turn off your firewall for a minute so that we can unlock the software.

    5. Does your software contain any spyware, tracking cookies or hidden advertising?    

No none whatsoever


6. While installing my software, I get a “White screen” and nothing happens.


This is most likely due to Macromedia Flash not being installed. Our software is Flash Based and its required to operate.  Our software installs it automatically, unless your computer is set to prevent it from being installed automatically. If this is the case, you must either install Flash yourself or set the permissions to allow us to install it for you.

    7. If I want to return the product, where must I return it to.?    
    In all cases, it must be returned exactly to the place of purchase. Check your invoice for details.    

8. Will the Reading Genius® 2.0 Software tools  work on a Mac ? 


The Reading Genius® 2.0 Software tools are designed for Windows platforms only. If your Mac is running Windows then yes it can work on a Mac.