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Ed Strachar holds a Bachelor of Science degree in both Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York as well as an Executive MBA degree from the University of Southern California. A well trained former electronics engineer in the US Defense industry, he successfully invented and patented highly specialize semiconductor that is still in use modern aerospace and high-tech weaponry such as aircraft, missiles and satellites.

Progressing beyond the world of military electronics, Ed began traveling extensively. Teaching and consulting. As of this writing, he has been to 53 countries.

Combining the teachings he learned from Chess Grand Master of the former Soviet Union, where he once lived with Eastern and Western Spiritual practices, modern brain research and accelerated learning methods, Ed developed a special mental training method that is simple to follow yet highly effective and applicable to almost any discipline.

Initially, Ed utilized and applied mental training and performance-enhancing
Techniques in the areas of sports and business. One day, a teacher-friend of Ed’s was complaining how his student at school were less than enthusiastic readers. Ed offered  his assistance. Employing music, physical and mental exercises, and his specialized mental training methods, the effect was nothing
g short of dramatic. Kids read 10-20 x faster and understand much better in but one 45 minutes session!


He was invited back so the teacher staff could witness and validate Ed’s method. The principle and staff watched in amazement as the student’s embraced it, reading with enthusiasm and focus. Previously reluctant reader now ”zoned” into the books and could read and remember  then with extreme clarity and fulfillment. The students were tested before and after to confirm the method’s effectiveness. There was. However, one problem no one knew how to solve. All the school’s reading tests required they read only short passages of a few paragraphs and answer multiple choices questions. Ed’s students were now reading entire books in one sitting, verbally recalling them at length. There were (are) no official standardize tests that measure such feats!

Most phenomenal was that the supposed “slow learners” benefited equally, if not more from Ed’s method. It seemed to excite and directed their ”dormant” abilities and focus
Them on the task of reading.

His methods soon became recognized, spreading as popularity grew amongst adults and children. Reading Genius now has well over 100.,000 students, of which 10,000 Ed has personally trained, including people at institutions such as the US Air Force Academy, The US Naval Postgraduate School, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, National Semiconductor, Youth-at-Risk organization and many others worldwide.

Some of Ed’s Reading Genius students have surpassed The Guinness Book of Records reading record, often after taking one day of the reading Genius training. (Note: Guinness no longer officially measures this).   

This comprehensive method involves visual expansion, mental relaxation, intense focusing methods, brain-mind expansion, overcoming fear and memory and recall methods. It directly addresses the problem most people have of eye fatigue, daydreaming and lack of focus/recall/comprehension while they read. These can greatly effect one’s ability and/or willingness to learn and yet cannot presently be easily measured or tested and thus is generally ignored by traditional learning institutions.


Difficult to duplicate by others, Ed is excited that with the advancement of computer technology, many of this unique exercises that he employs can now be automated and easily accessible.


In 1994, Ed founded InGenius Inc, a company solely dedicated to bringing his teachings to the world.

Originally born in New York City, Ed now travels the world teaching and learning. A health  and fitness enthusiast, Ed dedicated his charitable resources to Orphaned Children And Youth at Risk Programs.

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